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‘The Drawing Lab’: Another Pitch

‘The Drawing Lab’ is a project and passion from my previous university semester which I will be continuing into BCM114.

Last semester I started experimenting with time lapse videos on sheet music, which my audience enjoyed and found relaxing and therapeutic to watch.

Feedback from my audience on my time-lapse last semester, leading me to continue this idea this semester

I want to continue this alongside merging my drawings with other art forms, which can be unique and fun to collaborate with other creators

Evidence of collaboration with other BCM students and creators outside university

To do this, I’ll be using predominately Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to post time lapses, drawings merging different areas of the arts, and regular drawing based on audience feedback.

My project is relevant to my audience because:

  • It can inspire those who haves begun art because of COVID
  • My videos can be therapeutic and relaxing
  • My collaborations with others can become promotions for other creators and inspiration
  • It can be a business
Audience starter pack

This project is enjoyable and will be beneficial in my portfolio to demonstrate my art and social media management skills.








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