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Breaking and Developing

Since my online presence one and beta blog posts I’ve been continuing to create content on The Drawing Lab and have reached over 300 followers on Instagram.


After joining an engagement pod with BCM students from multiple years, I have seen a growth in followers, engagement, and meaningful feedback through comments from both these people and my current followers.

I’ve also been continuing to reply to any comments I’ve received on my posts and tried to create further conversation to engage with them, as well as continuing to poll my audience about what they would like to see as they are part of the process of shaping the development of my project.

I am continuing to collaborate with others and I am almost finished a commission artwork.

Breaking and Remaking

In breaking and remaking my model I have created new variations of my art in my DA which has been very successful from the number of likes and comments, surpassing many of my other recent tweets in engagement. I created a “meet the artist” post of myself which was a success with my audience of other artists as well as other BCM students. I will continue to break and remake my model to grow my project in the future.

Minimum Viable Product

I have created one Instagram Reel so far as a minimum viable product which has been averagely successful from the number of likes. Even though this is not a sign of meaningful interaction and success it has been viewed over 500 times. I want to continue my exploration of the Reels feature to achieve my goal of creating therapeutic video content for my audience, and I have found watching the Reels of other accounts such as miniswartist and _artamour_ useful in gaining inspiration. 

Other Platforms

I haven’t seen much interaction with my recent posts on Pinterest, likely due to my inactivity and lack of interacting with other accounts. After researching, I’ve begun to use the scheduling feature of Pinterest which has been convenient. I still believe that this is a useful platform for artists, so I will continue using this platform on the side as well as Facebook, a platform popular with many of my older family and friends who love seeing my artworks.


My current goals for The Drawing Lab are to:

  • Continue to explore Instagram Reels
  • Finish my commission
  • Finish my current collaboration
  • Not being defined by my model and continuing to create new art






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12 Replies to “Breaking and Developing”

  1. Hey, It’s been great to see how your DA has grown and the success it has had. I absolutely love your recent drawings, especially the Halloween themed drawing, and how you incorporated the different themes and objects into your style. One tough skill to crack is how to use a platform “properly”, I think you’ve mastered Instagram, but it’s a whole new playing ground when you use a different platform. It’s great that you found a feature that helps you pst on Pinterest. I experienced this on my last DA attempt, and will in the foreseeable future when Artfol becomes available on Apple. Different affordances(likes, comments etc) and how the system values can influence what a goal could be, along with algorithm.

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  2. Hey!

    It looks like you’re gaining lots of feedback which is very important for the continued growth of your project. I too did a ‘meet the face behind the account’ post and received lots of engagement, from my observations, posts that include my face receive more interactions, I believe this to be because of an added sense of personalisation and connection between the user and myself. Have you considered expanding onto TikTok? There is a large following for art accounts on TikTok, people (myself included) love to see the process of artworks. The Reel format you’ve been experimenting with also compliments the current affordances of TikTok, so you wouldn’t have to do too much extra work to spread across to another platform. The more platforms you’re on the greater the chance of discovery and interaction. You could also utilise the popular soundtracks and hashtags on TikTok to reach wider audiences and gain more followers on all platforms. There are even soundtracks that are art specific! I too have looked to similar accounts for inspiration, I even went as far as following the people that follow them. This has proven effective in upping my reach, engagement and overall follower count as these similar accounts already have established target audiences, many of whom overlap with my own. I also found that polling, asking and responding to comments aided in increased audience engagement, as well as helping me to further create content that my audience actually wants to see. Your continued collaboration with other accounts is clever and as you’ve showcased can be very effective. This idea has inspired me to reach out to other projects in the hopes of collaborating. The benefits of collaborating as you’ve demonstrated help find new untapped audiences and spread awareness of your project into existing user bases.

    You’re doing great, I’m excited to see the art you’re going to create in the future.

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    1. Thanks you for your comment! I’ve actually tried TikTok last semester with my DA (I linked it at the bottom of my blog post of you wanted to check it out) and have created some content on there in the past and uploaded my Reel to there recently but just haven’t mentioned it in this blog post as I’m not really experimenting with the platform much this semester. Either way, I’ll definitely take your feedback into consideration.

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  3. I think I needs to be said that you must remember that your DA is not the platform, something I had reflect on for my own project. You mentioned that you had posted on Pinterest and Facebook but hadn’t seen much interaction on those platforms, Pinterest in particular, due to your inactivity. I think its key to post you project in as many places as possible and to create a web of media versus restricting yourself to only Instagram as the main page.
    The artwork that you are creating is fantastic, and its great to see you exploring different styles. From personal experience the last thing you want to do is become stagnant in your posts, verity is key too keeping interest. It’s also great that you have a strong aesthetic on your page, the bright colours mixed with the bland browns of the dead flora really makes your artwork pop. This strong aesthetic is fantastic for drawing in like minded peoples, so great work on that.
    DA is looking great, best wishes too you!

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I’ve had conversations with my tutor and know not to be defined by a single model such as Instagram which is why during this year I’ve explored using Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram for my DA, IG has just been the most successful at the moment. If I saw a different platform was better I’d happily switch over.

      Whilst I think it is important to spread and use multiple platforms at once, I’ve stated in previous blogs like my OP1 from research that it is best to only run as many different accounts as you are able to sustain so you can effectively produce content to them. This is why I’ve been trying to post regularly Instagram (which posts on Facebook for me), as certain hardships have caused a lack of motivation to produce content to multiple different platforms.

      Regardless of my thoughts I definitely think it is still useful to post on multiple platforms. Thank you for the reminder as well as the feedback on my artworks!

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  4. Bonnie! Where do I start!?
    I have loved seeing your Digital Artefact grow over the course of the semester. I continuously look forward to the new and creative content you have been making…especially the Deathly Hallows Mandala artwork. I really enjoy seeing your audience interaction through your story polls, and as someone who also runs an Instagram page, story polls I find are usually ways your audience will interact with your content – or are more inclined to interact.
    Something that I would suggest is making some content about digital art, as I note that you have mentioned in a few of your insta posts that you have created some digital artworks. As a member of your audience, I do find watching art videos entertaining and can watch for hours, especially those that make digital art. You could even do time-lapse versions on reels or even longer IGTVs.
    Another suggestion could be opening a question box in your Instagram story, and asking your audience for inspiration for an artwork (i.e. some may say flowers, mountains, etc.).
    Looking forward to seeing more of your content in the future…and a potential collab. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Alana! Glad you liked the recent Harry Potter content 😁. I’m definitely going to experiment more with Reels and time lapses, though I feel like I couldn’t feel up the frequency of creating IGTVs like last semester because of lack of motivation to make them, but I definitely want to make more Reels now. Thanks for all the feedback!!!

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  5. Hey Bonnie!

    It has been really encouraging seeing you grow in skill and develop new designs and mandalas over the past semester. I have loved particularly of how you have asked your audience on polls to contribute to the development of your particular drawing for the week. I really think this is a clever way of connecting with your audience and is a very unique way of making your audience feel like they have participated in the outcome of your design.
    Similar to you, I have struggled to find an audience who were interested in buying or looking into a custom design, however, I have loved seeing how you have taken on board other ways to continue creating like doing a collab and reels.
    A suggestion that could help you with your audience growth and to create a personal feel with your audience is to once you do the polls on your story, do an Instagram live and create the artwork with people watching and chatting? That is just a suggestion but possibly something for down the track in the future!

    Good luck with you DA, keen to see where it goes and how you develop it further xx

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  6. First of all, let me say that I love the concept and aesthetic of your DA! I like how you’re incorporating creative photos of your drawings into what you post rather than keeping it basic.
    I really like how you try and engage your followers and audience members who comment on your posts by trying to create conversation with them. I feel like that’s a great way to get even more feedback, and I think it’s probably something I could try and do with my audience as well!
    I also really like that you’re collaborating with others too, I feel like that could definitely be a great way to broaden the people you reach (especially if you’re collaborating with other well-known creators.
    I haven’t used Reels yet, but I’m definitely planning to, could you make some more showing your creative processes – a timelapse of you drawing or a step-by-step guide to how you draw maybe?
    Looking forward to seeing what content you can continue to create!

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    1. Thanks for the feedback and supporting my DA! I’ll definitely try out doing a tutorial-type Reel at some point and see if my audience likes that style of Reel!


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