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Orientalism in the Gaming Industry



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    2 Replies to “Orientalism in the Gaming Industry”

    1. This pitch relays the features the plans you wish to pursue within your visual essay by looking through orientalism and using the gaming industry as a leading example to clarify issues within the subject. I enjoy the use of different genres and the depth of the current research you currently have. As a suggestion and keeping in tune with the gaming industry examples you could look at the live adaptations made like the Assassin’s Creed movie series and the Tomb Raider series to demonstrate the whitewashing and stereotyping within gaming media to further prove your point in different mediums – whilst further looking into games such as Beyond: Two Souls that portray the Native people as a positive representation(?). This pitch is clearly thought out with a lot of useful examples to demonstrate the positioning of orientalism in the gaming industry.

      Can’t wait to see the final essay!!
      – Holly xx

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      1. Thanks so much for the feedback! That could be interesting to look at the movie adaptions of games too, good idea. I’ll also look at that game you suggested as well. Thank you Xx

        Liked by 1 person

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