Reviewing, Reflecting, and Learning

Peer reviewing in school and university can be a difficult thing to do and is something many people dread having to write or partake in. However, the process of peer-reviewing in this subject as well as my other subject ‘Media Ethnographies’ has been beneficial in the critical analysis of my own work as well as the work of others.

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I made this tick box list of criteria just in my notes app to help me identify the assessment criteria for my peer-reviewing. This helped me to work out what was done well, and what was missing that I could give them suggestions or additional resources for.

A checklist I created for my peer reviewing

Peer Reviews

Here’s a quick summary of the pitches I reviewed and my comments:

FPS Games – Jacob

Jacob will be looking into FPS games through the framework of difficulty, environment, and game title, and exploring the different skills individuals develop playing these games like communication, leadership, and cognitive skills.

Female Trading Card Game – Candace

Candace is going to be creating a trading card game for women, looking at gender diversity in her research, how genre and narrative can enhance a game, and the way marketing and branding can reach or deter individuals from buying games as the concepts for her analytical framework.

Video Game Remakes – Ethan

Ethan will be looking at video game remakes through his analytical framework of the nostalgia surrounding them, how technological improvements have impacted them, and the concept of power creep, when games become so developed they are indistinguishable from the originals.

Reflecting on my Peer Reviewing

Through my peer-reviewing, I developed the skill of critically analysing resources and why they are useful. As I researched for helpful sources for those I was reviewing, I thought about how they were useful to the projects, and how they could be useful concerning their analytical frameworks. This skill will definitely be advantageous when conducting my own research in the future as I think deeper about the sources I use.

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Based on the pitches that I’ve reviewed and watched and my own reflections, I think that I did a satisfactory job at covering all the assessment criteria in my pitch. In the pitches I’ve reviewed, I tried to give suggestions for how they could include subject materials in their project, but this is also something I need to do in my project that I didn’t include in my pitch. In the future, I will try and link my project to the concepts and ideas explored in the subject materials and lectures.

Reflecting on Peer Reviews I Received

Here’s a short audio where I talk about the things I’ve learnt based on the feedback I’ve received on my own pitch:

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