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A Deep Dive into Peer Projects

Gaining feedback from others is extremely valuable to the development of a project. Asking for feedback from people outside of your industry or niche in particular is an especially effective technique to gain a fresh perspective on the project you’re working on.

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In this blog post I will be looking at the pitches and digital artefacts of my peers in this subject, Maddy and Jacob, to provide them with constructive criticism and suggestions as they develop their projects. 

“[Feedback] plays a decisive role in learning and development… We learn faster, and much more effectively, when we have a clear sense of how well we are doing and what we might need in order to improve.”

Dai Hounsell, ‘Student Feedback, Learning and Development’

Maddy Hawkins – Socially Maddy

Maddy has chosen to work on growing her portfolio of social media management projects working within the Creative Services Team and her Instagram and TikTok accounts by the name of ‘Socially Maddy.’ She’ll be creating content on the projects she’s working on, social media tips, and trends. 

This will be a perfect opportunity for Maddy to not only demonstrate to future employers her abilities in social media management but also, as she states in her pitch, her skills, and experience collaborating with students and fellow members of the creative services team.

Maddy’s pitch was comprehensive following the marketing criteria well with a detailed methodology, a variety of stakeholders her digital artefact benefits, and great background research on the social media management niche.

Considering Maddy’s project focuses on social media itself and her knowledge of the way it works to assist individuals and businesses, her ‘Socially Maddy’ content focus on the platforms (Instagram and TikTok) themselves. 

Much of Maddy’s TikTok focuses on highlighting new trending videos and useful software for individuals and businesses, similar to stylasocials and sydneyonsocials. One improvement for Maddy’s TikToks would be to be more animated and enthusiastic in videos like these accounts, as the exaggeration of emotions and facial features can boost TikTok videos.

Maddy’s Instagram is still being established and I’m not aware that she has any clients yet. To build her portfolio to show clients or future employees, she could create social media tips or strategies for specific niches. In my field of graphic design, accounts like thebriefbank provide weekly briefs for people to build their portfolios. Maddy can prototype and test this style of content and develop her portfolio by creating hypothetical clients and her response to them.

Alternatively, Maddy could make social media templates for individuals and businesses like those by Hootsuite, or thinklikeagirlboss on Etsy for her audience to download which she can track. This will still be useful in growing her portfolio even if she isn’t directly working with clients.

Jacob Suter – Beyond Empathy

Jacob mentions working on two projects in his pitch, but a recent tweet indicates he will be focusing solely on developing his content creation and marketing skills within the team at ‘Beyond Empathy’s GRIT project, promoting awareness for people affected by natural disasters.

This is a good choice to focus his skills on a single project he’s interested in without wearing himself too thin, and a great opportunity to work within a team in the professional space outside of a strictly university-based project.

Jacob created a great pitch with a in-depth overview of the different elements of the methodology of his projects including collabrorative components, social media platforms, and content moderation.

I would have liked to see actual examples of work created for either of these digital artefacts as part of the pitch, but understand that neither of these projects were officially underway yet at the time. I also believe that concentrating on one project in the pitch to provide more specific detail would have been a better choice while keeping the other project on the back-burner.

Alongside Beyond Empathy’s pod-formances, Jacob and GRIT team will be producing social media content. I would place this project’s content into a non-profit/awareness genre. As content production begins in the future, I suggest Jacob look at similar organisations in this genre and their social media profiles such as the Instagram and Youtube accounts of the ‘National Recovery and Resilience Agency’ and All ‘Hands and Hearts’.

So …

I can’t wait to see the progress Jacob and Maddy make on their projects over the next couple weeks!

Image by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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