Do Good Design Prospectus

The requirements of this task was to create a Prospectus document for the previous "Do Good Design" Task. We were to approach our project prospectus as a creative report that demonstrated the visual branding and potential of the prototypes and collateral. Header Image Designing Vectors by Vecteezy

Do Good Design

This Task required us to invent, concept, design, & prototype a work of visual communication design that addressed one of the following topics: health, environmental, political, social, humanitarian or human rights issue. The brief required us to apply illustration and typography to communicate information, brand identity & values, narrative and message. Our response was to demonstrate how graphic design can …

Wicked Problem

This design brief required the creation of a distinctive and imaginative vector illustration & typographic response to the article - “plastic superhighway: the awful truth of our hidden ocean waste”. The illustration had to be accompanied by text in the form of a slogan, tag line, call to action or educate & information statement. The illustration …

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