Between 2021-2022 I was the Vice President of the University of Wollongong’s Digital Media Society. Some of my roles and responsibilities are:

  • Creating content alongside the Marketing and Social Media Executives using both Adobe software and Canva to produce designs that align with the brand style guide.
  • Copywriting Instagram/Facebook/Twitter posts that align with the brand values and persona.
  • Developing relations with individuals and groups outside the society to expand connections and society features
  • Writing EDMs to go out to society members
  • Event management

Annual General Meeting and Executive Turnover

The UOW Digital Media Society holds an Annual General Meeting yearly to decide on and vote in the next executive team. As part of my time on the team before leaving, I designed the promotional material for our AGM, including social media posts and banners.

Some examples are shown below:

The Bloggies/BCM Ball 2.0

During my time as a part of the UOWDMS, we held ‘The Bloggies/Ball 2.0”, an event celebrating the accomplishments of students in the Bachelor of Communication and Media degree (BCM) at the University of Wollongong.

Combining the BCM Ball established by our former executive team with our bi-yearly Bloggies event, we hosted the ultimate BCM awards night which has become one of the society’s most successful to date.

We sold out all 70 tickets and had over two hundred award nominations as a result of many weeks/months of stressful planning, preparation, designing, and campaigning.

My role in this campaign was the majority of our campaign design including posters, social media posts, social media banners, and program used on the night.

Social Media Post Design

As a member of the UOWDMS, I was also one of the main graphic designers of the team, designing social media posts for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Outside of our special events and campaigns, here are some of my designs:

Welcoming New Executive Team

When I was appointed to the role, we rolled out Instagram posts introducing each team member.

Here are some examples I designed:

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