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A Continuing Saga? Or a New Idea?

Another semester of University, another Digital Artefact. Creating ‘The Drawing Lab‘ as my university University Digital Artefact last semester was fun as I was able to re-explore my love of drawing, especially creating mandalas and pattern drawings. I created an Instagram account, linked Facebook account, TikTok and Etsy for my artworks, experimenting what platforms worked and what didn’t.

Over the holiday break between semesters I have continued to post artworks on Instagram/Facebook, and contemplated if I really wanted to and had the time to continue this project for University this current semester.

More than deciding on a new Digital Artefact, I have contemplated how to make my artefact less time consuming, trying to think about how I could change it so it would be closer to the FIST concept (fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny). I am fairly confident I will continue this digital artefact as I do enjoy making art, but I was slightly disappointed last semester that I was unable to sell any artworks. As this DA is still new, I think this process of gaining followers and customers will take time.

I do however have some backup ideas if this Digital Artefact fails.


A friend (from outside of UOW and BCM) and I are currently in the process of creating a stationary business to make products such cards, gift wrap, stickers etc. This concept won’t be ready in 2020 to sell products but may be useful for a future Digital Artefact, so I will probably keep this project on the back burner. Follow along if you would like to buy stuff from us in the future.


I currently run an Instagram page called ‘Bonnie Maree Studio‘ where I’ve posted photographs I’ve taken with my camera over the last couple years. I haven’t been that active on it recently as I have been working on ‘The Drawing Lab‘. This is another backup idea that I could focus more on if my current DA failed.

LET ME KNOW in the comments below what you think, or any ideas you think might improve ‘The Drawing Lab‘.

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