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The Prevalence and Variations of Orientalism in the Gaming Industry: Visual Essay


Through the process of creating this visual essay, I have learned the importance and meaning that images can carry through visual semiotics (Pires, 2021). As many of my images represent a whole paragraph of research from my report, it was important to find images that effectively demonstrated what that paragraph was about. 

Karen Foley in her article on ‘Tips for Creating Eye-Catching PowerPoint Presentations’ (2018) states to keep it simple by not filling a presentation with too many graphics and images, as well as culling your message multiple times to make it concise and meaningful. I did this in my project by having one image per slide and limiting the number of words, so viewers can focus on the image and a few words that cohesively accompany that image. I also culled the amount of text used on slides multiple times to leave just the bare impactful messages in my presentation.

For this visual essay, I used a copyright-free soundtrack which was reminiscent of 8-bit gaming music, obviously chosen to complement my presentation on the gaming industry. The different slide and text transitions were chosen with the themes of gaming and technology in mind to also complement the presentation’s theme of gaming. 

The colour scheme of the presentation was chosen to resemble a stereotypical pc gaming setup, which is often dark with bright LED lights and colours. A simple google search of a ‘gaming setup’ demonstrates this: . The variation in colours represents different sections of the presentation that correspond to the headings and each paragraph made in the research report. Orange represents headings and key points, while green text used in the presentation represents one paragraph of the report per presentation slide.

Overall, I have learned how to use carefully chosen images to convey meaning alongside minimal text in conveying a story and message.



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