Generation Flash: Pitching ‘Flash Game Nostalgia’

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Gaining initial thoughts on my Digital Artefact idea on twitter before starting my research

There are many resources that will aid in my exploration of flash games in relation to my analytical framework. Articles such as those from Makar (2002) and Neeta (2018) will be useful in understanding the different genres within flash games. There are many articles on nostalgia in the gaming industry including those on nostalgia and wellbeing (Wulf, et al. 2020), as well as game history and nostalgia (Esposito, n.d.). Articles like ‘Generation Flash’ by Manovich (n.d.) will be useful in understanding the flash system itself and the technological affordances it provides in relation to gaming.

My research on flash games themselves will likely come from more non-academic sources as these I’ve found to be more specific to my topic. There are many articles that delve into how flash games have shaped the internet, including those by The Atlantic (Salter & Murray, 2014)e and GameInformer (Reeves, 2018). Many popular sources are in fact lists of the “top 10 most nostalgic flash games” for example, leading me to believe that already people do think that flash games are nostalgic.

I’ve begun to research articles around my analytical framework and flash to use in my project

Below is my weekly plan for this project. I will try to create content with trending effects and sounds so that they get noticed in order to gain user feedback on my analytical posts, but also in the observation of people’s reactions and potentially nostalgic feelings towards the game-play of flash games.

Project plan for the digital artefact

I have also included the pre-made starter packs I found of my main audience (people who grew up playing flash games):

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Reddit Threads from Pitch Video

Articles Shown in Pitch Video

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10 Replies to “Generation Flash: Pitching ‘Flash Game Nostalgia’”

  1. Hi Bonnie,
    I love your pitch! The overall idea for your DA is well conceptualised and your intentions were made very clear throughout. I like how you’ve arranged your project plan, as well as the inclusion of TikTok as a means of content creation for your DA. I think it was a great idea to mention that comments and interactions with your TikToks will provide feedback useful for your own analysis. You have a good selection of sources for this subject already and your early research has been undertaken really well.
    I also think it’s great that you’ve included and looked into reddit threads about flash games. As you mentioned, it’s our generation that has mainly been affected by flash game nostalgia, and I find it interesting to observe how subcultures of people can have shared nostalgic sentiment that sorta ends up bringing things back into style (a bit like the Y2K craze going on lately.) That relatable nostalgia everybody feels towards flash games could definitely be owed to how accessible they were.
    If I were to be picky, I’d say that the analytical framework could’ve been further expanded upon but I appreciate that there’s limited space to elaborate on everything. Though a thoroughly realised analytical framework will make a great foundation in your ongoing analyses.
    Overall, it’s very impressive 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to seeing more. Bloons Tower Defense, you’re always in my heart ❤

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  2. Hey Bonnie,
    Your idea and concept is exceptional. I like that you are clear and concise on what your DA is. Your analytical framework is well thought out. You have shown that background research will be conducted and that you have sources lined up for further research. This is super important as the research will help your DA grow and flourish into something that you are proud of. The only constructive comment I have is id like to know a little bit more about your other aspects of the analytical framework as you only touched on them.

    Overall I am really excited to see your DA grow over the next 7 weeks.


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    1. Thank you for the feedback! I’ll definitely remember for future to make sure I go into enough detail about each of the framework aspects, thanks for pointing that out.


  3. As a flash game enjoyer myself in my youth. I really like the concept of this DA, as well as using a Psycho-analytical approach is quite interesting I am looking forward to that aspect of the DA. Also think that you are using a great analytical frame work your using in this DA, I think looking into nostalgia is a massively important aspect when it comes to flash games as for many it was their first exposure to video games. Overall really excited for the future of this DA.

    Liked by 1 person

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